Do You Wear The Mom Uniform?

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Do You Wear The Mom Uniform?

Do you wear the official stay at home mom uniform? Do you know what the mom uniform is? Even if you think that you don’t, I bet you do!

The official uniform of the stay at home mom (or weekend mom) is basically sweats or yoga pants and a t-shirt or tank top. No really, that’s what most of us wear most of the time, right? It’s comfy, it’s easy to throw on in the morning, and whether we mean to do it or not, the uniform is our go-to look.

Well, for the moms I have talked to: friends, through blogging and on Twitter – they’re all wearing the Mom Uniform.

So when I found Yogamat, I was ecstatic! The women who started the site have this to say about it:

“We feel that a busy dynamic lifestyle is representative of smart, sophisticated women everywhere (whether traveling, working, exercising, or mothering) and that women are craving flattering, functional and elegant clothing that can take them from exercising to the office or to dinner out, while still preserving their femininity in this increasingly demanding modern, 24-hour world”

And the site’s by-line? Simply this: “wash & fold”. That says it all, right? Their clothing is also eco-friendly, and they are always looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

I love the easy style of their looks, and while the pricing is a bit expensive, based on online reviews and reading through press coverage, it sounds like it is high-quality, long lasting, and worth the price.

So go check out Yogamat and let me know what you think! Would you buy an official mom uniform from them or is it too pricey?


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  • Carly

    I wear the mom uniform daily! I am sure my 8 yr old would love me to wear something different especially when driving her to school! I am pretty thrift when it comes to clothes but if something was on sale or a piece I was going to wear a lot. I would look into buying it.

  • Julie C.

    I had to laugh as I scrolled through the items on the site, most of them are all sold out! I wonder how often this happens or how often they top up the inventory. Some of the features on the bottoms are very nice and it certainly looks like moms are indeed snapping them up for their “uniforms.”

  • Kelly

    Cute but WAAAAAY to expensive for my budget. Walmart & Target carry similar items in the sportswear department for less than half those prices. All of my things from those stores are all 100% cotton, look great on me and hold up just fine! $85 for a SHIRT? $135 for a pair of yoga PANTS?! How on earth can people afford that (and who would want to?) Crazy.

  • henny ort

    I wear the uniform too. anyone has an update to the uniform, i’ll go for it. this website is cool. i like that they take the ordinary and add flare.

  • Candace

    Once again, the commercialization of yoga goes too far! Who pays this much for day-to-day lounge wear?!?!
    We’re not all Kardashians and “Housewives.”

  • Becky

    Very cute but way too expensive!!

  • Ducky Lucky

    Comfortable jeans, buy some. Or walking shorts. You can play with your kids and not look like you have given up on yourself in public.

  • Julia

    I have a uniform, this is not it! I live in comfy cotton dresses (in winter just add tights although you might find me inthe occational yoga pants when it is really cold). I find them just fine for play time (just be sure they are not too short) and prefect for when I have to interact with the grown-up world. I have even been known to get into the fray with the kids and hose in a comfy cotton dress. It is actually easier than the yoga look becasue it is one peice. Also, for those of us doing all the things needed to take care of the kids, house etc. who may have fallen off our yoga wagon or not gotten our pre-baby body back yet the dresses are far more flattering and people assume you put more time into your appearance even though you probably put in less than the mom who had to look for the top that goes with her yoga pants :) Added bonus one peice costs less than two. Shower, put on dress, pull hair back into a cute and quick messy up do with a cute clip and people will say Wow, how do you have the time to get all dressed up when in fact you put in no more time than they did.

  • Jen

    Yoga pants work great after the vertical c-section, everything else rubs weird against the scar. Since “the girls” grew expotentially, and I am too cheap to go get a fancy bra, the tanks with a built in bra work best!