Crispy Green Freeze Dried Snacks Make A Perfect Snack For The Kids (And You!)

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Crispy Green Freeze Dried Snacks Make A Perfect Snack For The Kids (And You!)

I am always looking for healthy snacks that my kids will willingly eat. Normally, if it looks like anything good for them, like fruit or veggies, they want no part of it because they don’t consider those things snacks.

Since becoming a Charter Chiquita Mom for, I have really been trying to come up with  fun and healthy snack ideas (make sure to watch my video of snacks you and your kids can make…they’ll love ‘em!). And when I came across the Crispy Green site, I knew the kids should try them.

Here’s Crispy Green’s philosophy: “keep it pure, keep it tasty and keep it wholesome”…music to my motherly ears! Crispy Green makes their products with real fruit, real taste, and nothing else. They do this by using freeze-drying technology, and they are one of the leading premium, freeze-dried fruit snacks in the marketplace.

Crispy Green offers many flavors like Crispy Apples, Crispy Mangoes, Crispy Asian Pears, Crispy Bananas, Crispy Cantaloupes and Crispy Pineapples.

They have no additives or preservatives, no fat or cholesterol, no skin or cores, and contains only natural fruit fiber and nutrients. And guess what? They are only 55 or less calories per serving.

They also have a line called FruitziO that are different from the Crispy line because they are freeze-dried fruit slices with a hint of cane sugar. These are also all natural freeze-dried fruit, with no preservatives (including sulfides), no fat, and no cholesterol. These treats are only 100 calories per bag.

They come in flavors like FruitziO Strawberries, FruitziO Peaches, FruitziO Apples & Strawberries, FruitziO Apricots and FruitziO Kiwi.

You can enjoy Crispy Green products right out of the bag or with cereal, yogurt, or even in baked goods. Sound yummy don’t they?

Photo Source: Crispy Green

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  • EntrepreMOMs

    This looks DELICIOUS! “Keep it pure, tasty, and wholesome” sounds like such a good philosophy – I can’t wait to try these for my little one.