Create-a-Face Pad Is Hours of Fun

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Create-a-Face Pad Is Hours of Fun

My son has a ton of Melissa & Doug products, but I think the Create-a-Face pad is one of the best offerings this great company makes for stocking your child’s arts and crafts kit.

The concept behind this product is very simple. Each sheet of paper has a large face shape drawn on it. Your child can then complete the picture by deciding to make the face a princess, a ballerina, a pirate, a farmer, a football player, or some totally unique design.

There are 40 sheets of paper in the pad. The individual sheets of paper seem to be of a good quality for kids. They tear out from the pad easily and are thick enough for drawing with crayons, pencils, markers, or paints.

I think the Create-a-Face pad is a nice alternative to coloring books because it provides an opportunity for your child to be creative instead of merely following directions.

My son has never been a huge fan of coloring books. He’s always preferred to draw his own characters, but he does seem to like having the face shape already drawn so he has a base to work from and doesn’t have to worry about how to get his picture started.

In our tiny Midwestern town, there isn’t much in the way of cultural diversity. So, I appreciate that the faces on this pad come in four different skin tones to remind him that people come in more colors than he sees at his school.

My son loves the Create-a-Face pad, but Melissa & Doug also make a Create-a-Person version with full body silhouettes that might be fun to try out.

To me, the Create-a-Person pad looks like it would be perfect for making old-fashioned paper dolls with your kids.

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