Crayon Rocks Would Be a Great Alternative to Easter Candy

Living near all of my extended family is awesome most of the time, but the downside is that all holidays come with a huge influx of candy due to the sheer number of people giving my son treats.

So, even though I’m theoretically not opposed to giving my son a sugar fix, I’m always searching for candy-free holiday alternatives just to keep the overall level of sweets he receives to a more manageable amount.

When I saw these colorful crayon rocks on the Imagine Childhood website, my first thought was that they’d be an adorable alternative to Easter candy. They are made from renewable soybeans grown in the USA and colored with natural mineral powders. The chunky size makes them ideal for preschoolers, but I think they’d appeal to older children as well.

You could have your child hunt for each of the 16 crayons in the set, then have a basket with coloring books and drawing paper waiting for him or her as a special Easter surprise.

If you wanted to keep with the arts and crafts theme, you could also fill plastic Easter eggs with different colors of homemade play dough and stick a few play dough accessories like bunny or chick cookie cutters in the Easter basket.

Moms who don’t want to take the time to make their own play dough could also just pick up some of the gorgeous Eco-Dough modeling dough when they’re buying the crayon rocks!

If you do candy-free holiday celebrations, I’d love to hear what you think of this idea. Would your kids be thrilled with art supplies instead of Easter chocolate?

Photo credit: Imagine Childhood

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