Consider Halloween Candy Alternatives

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Consider Halloween Candy Alternatives

I’m not necessarily against candy, but I am not a fan of holidays that involve stuffing children full of needless amounts of sugar. I’d rather give my son a small treat every day than watching him give himself a stomachache after eating a giant bucket of Halloween candy.

So, I like to give out non-candy items for trick or treaters whenever possible. The kids seem to enjoy having something a bit out of the ordinary and I feel better knowing I’m not contributing to massive dental bills for their parents.

Oriental Trading is a great source for ordering Halloween treats. I first learned about this site when volunteering for the PTO at my son’s school.

They have lots of fun carnival type prizes that are relatively affordable. There are also a bunch of craft kids for children and a large selection of paper plates, cups, napkins, and tableware.

My personal favorite pick for Halloween is the monster character stress balls. These squeezable balls would be great for kids to use to play a quick game of catch or to try tossing in buckets as part of a party game.

If you want to have a monster-themed Halloween celebration for your kids, check out these coordinating items.

What is your opinion on Halloween treats? Do you look for alternatives to candy or use the holiday as a reason to let your kids indulge their sweet tooth?

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  • MomHomeGuide

    It would be great if there could be a substitute for Halloween candy. I have my kids dump out their old Halloween candy (they actually don’t eat a lot of it) each year before we go out trick or treating.