Color Changing Tealights Provide Lots of Mood Lighting Options

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Color Changing Tealights Provide Lots of Mood Lighting Options

Adding mood lighting to a room is one of my favorite ways to decorate for a party.

I love how the right lighting can set a festive tone for a celebration, while helping to camouflage the general messiness of my house and the bags under my eyes!

As far as mood lighting is concerned, I rely heavily on battery operated tealights because they are safer than candles. I used to burn candles all the time, but I don’t feel safe with an open flame in the house now that I have a child and a cat that loves to jump on all of my shelves.

I also live in a very old house, so we don’t have many electrical outlets in each room. Even when I find a decorative lamp that I like, there often isn’t a place to plug it in.

With battery operated tealights, however, I can add mood lighting wherever I want without worrying about causing a fire or rearranging the furniture so I can plug a lamp in.

The battery operated tealights on the Solutions website caught my eye because they are waterproof and can be purchased in a color changing package. So, you can use the tealights to add color and light to a bucket full of ice, a table centerpiece, or a pretty flower arrangement.

The lights cycle through multiple colors and there are six lights in each set. Based on past experience, I’d say that six lights is plenty for one centerpiece or flower arrangement.

Do you use battery operated tealights in your home? If so, do you have any decorating tips to share?

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