Clean Out Your Closets and Help Those in Need

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Clean Out Your Closets and Help Those in Need

I hate letting useful stuff go to waste, but finding people who can use my family’s unwanted clothing is tough. Most of my friends either have girls or their kids are the wrong size to be able to use my son’s clothes, so I don’t have anyone who is eager for hand-me-downs.

I hate the hassle of having a garage sale and all of the consignment stores in my area are still quite a long drive from my house.

If you’re having similar troubles, I encourage you to check out This new website lets you request a pre-paid UPS shipping bag to send in unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens.

You can mail items from anywhere in the US, free of charge. Just fill your bags and drop them off at a nearby UPS shipping location. Each bag can hold about 15 pounds, which works out to roughly 45 items of clothing. You can request up to three bags at one time.

Donated items benefit one of’s charitable partners: AMVETS, Easter Seals, or The Military Order of the Purple Heart. You can select which of charity you’d like to support and your donation is tax deductible.

I know many moms like to do a purge of unneeded items before the holidays in order to make room for the gifts their kids receive. Although is unable to accept toy donations, this website is still a great resource for teaching your kids about helping others as you’re getting your closets in order.

What do you think of Is this a service you can see being helpful for your family?

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    What a great idea!  I could see myself using this service.