Cherokee Turtlenecks for Girls Are Inexpensive and Stretchy

My daughter would live in nothing but dresses if I let her. Asking her to wear blue jeans is like asking her to eat Brussels sprouts.

When fall arrives, dressing her gets trickier, but the Cherokee turtlenecks I found at Target allow us to get some additional wear out of those summer dresses that are honestly too cute to retire after just one season, especially when we pair them with leggings.

Turtlenecks generally present another problem, though, and it’s difficult (where I live, at least) to just find simple long-sleeved shirts to layer underneath dresses. (The crewneck shirts I found at another store had embellishments along the top that made them a less attractive option.)

A lot of people don’t like that material up by their neck, even though it’s helping to keep them warmer. My daughter’s the same way and was really hesitant about wearing her new turtlenecks.

They’re stretchy and made from 100 percent cotton spandex, though, so once she saw that I had easily stretched the neck of the shirt out, she put it on and didn’t complain that it was too tight. It doesn’t droop down, but it’s not so tight that it bothers her throughout the day the way some do.

There are five colors to choose from: apple red, ebony, fresh white, pink, and power purple, so there is enough variety there to work with most outfits. Sizes range from 4-5 (XS) to 14-16 (XL). Considering these are good layering tops that she’ll actually wear, I feel like they’re a bargain at $7.00.

Photo credit: Target

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