Charlie Bubbles Teaches Kids About the Meaning of Friendship

Teaching your child how to be a good friend is one of the most challenging parenting tasks you’ll face, but stories like The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles make the job a bit easier.

Charlie Bubbles is a little boy who blows bubbles with his tongue. One day, he blows a large bubble to protect himself from an angry bee and ends up floating outside his window. This starts him off on an adventure where he meets a squirrel who is hiding in an old jack-o-lantern because he is afraid, and a teddy bear who was thrown away by his owner because he was old and hiccuped too much.

Charlie has fun with his new fiends and first, but eventually starts to miss his mom and dad. Honey Bee, one of the bees who came to his room at the beginning of the story, helps him get home and teaches him that you can find new friends in unexpected places.

The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles is a sweet story that teaches children about the meaning of friendship. The characters are likeable and engaging, making this tale a surefire hit for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

Author Paul Carafotes is an actor, writer and director who has appeared in numerous movies, television shows and commercials. He is best known for his work on the play Beyond the Ring and the film Club Soda. The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles was inspired by his son, Charlie.

Illustrator Jeff Vernon is a close friend of Carafotes and has previously illustrated books for Veronica Lane Books and best-selling author Etan Boritzer.

The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles will be the first in a series of books. You can stay up to date on the release of future titles by visiting the Charlie Bubbles website.

Disclaimer: A copy of The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles was provided by the publisher for the purpose of preparing this review.

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