Sex Ed for Grown-Ups


Sex education in American schools has always left a lot to be desired, which is why books like The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups are so helpful.

The New Naked answers many of the questions you’ve always had, but were too afraid to ask. If you’re wondering how much sex the average couple your age is having or how long the typical man lasts, Dr. Fisch gives you the inside scoop.

Dr. Fisch also talks about the dangers of chronic masturbation, causes of premature ejaculation, how to treat erectile dysfunction, and excessive pornography consumption as a sign of sexual addition. If you’re in a committed relationship with just one sexual partner, feel free to skip over the parts that don’t apply to your situation.

The New Naked is written for the heterosexual adult female reader, which I suspect is because most men would rather retreat to a deserted island than admit that they’re having trouble in the sack.

Dr. Fisch is a board certified urologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital and a clinical professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He has been listed on the “Best Doctors in America” list for the past nine years.

Of course, good sex isn’t just about the mechanical aspects. In addition to discussing some of the possible medical concerns you might encounter, Dr. Fisch spends a great deal of time explaining his LSD system for improving your love life. He’s not advocating the use of illicit drugs, but is encouraging you to work on the three components of a strong relationship: listening, security, and desire.

For women, I think his tips for expressing your fantasies to your partner are likely to be the most helpful. Women tend to be culturally conditioned to let men take the lead in the bedroom, so it’s liberating to have someone tell you that it’s OK to speak up and let your partner know what you want.checkprice

Wonderopolis Nurtures Your Child’s Curiosity


Do your kids ask a ton of questions? My son comes up with a stumper for me at least once per day. I have no idea how parents handled curious children in the days before easy Internet access!

If you’re looking for a way to nurture your child’s curiosity, Wonderopolis is a great place for young trivia fanatics to visit. It answers questions over 900 questions, including :

  • Can you tickle yourself?
  • How big is your carbon footprint?
  • Where is the biggest castle in the world?
  • What is a monsoon?

Each question is answered in kid-friendly terms. There are also features like experiment ideas and lists of new vocabulary words to help enhance the learning experience. If you’re a homeschooling mom, this seems like it would be really helpful resource for independent learning projects.

If your child comes up with a question that isn’t already featured on the site, there is a form to nominate it as the “Wonder of the Day.” Your child can get credit as the source of the idea, which would be cool for kids who want to have their “15 minutes of fame” in a positive way.

Wonderopolis is a creation of the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) that is supported by the Verizon Foundation. Additional support comes from The Annenberg Foundation, Better World Books, and Humana.

Wonderopolis was named one of TIME Magazines Top Websites in 2011.

Personally, I’m thinking this site will be handy during summer vacation so that I can keep my son from complaining he’s bored every other minute.


Wimpy Kid Stationary Inspires Young Writers and Artists


Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has become tremendously popular as a way to inspire reluctant readers. The success of Kinney’s books has led to several unique spin-off products, including a stationery line from Mudpuppy and Amulet Books.

My favorite item in the new Wimpy Kid stationery collection is the three notebook drawing/writing set. This is an excellent way to encourage kids to be creative. One notebook has blank paper for drawing. One has lined paper for writing short stories. One has panels for creating a customized comic book. Each cover is a different color to make them easy to tell apart.

My son really liked the idea of the comic book style pages. However, he said he wished the notebooks were a bit bigger. They’re about the size of a DVD case. Making the notebooks the size of a composition book would have made them more appealing to little artists and writers.

You can purchase the three notebook set on Amazon for $10.40. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the notebooks separately at this time. I’m hoping they’ll decide to split the notebooks into individual purchases at a later date, because I think my son will run out of paper in the comic book notebook long before the other two books in the set are full.

Other Wimpy Kid stationary items from Mudpuppy and Amulet Books include magnetic list pads, mini notebooks, and a hardcover journal for writing down all your secrets.

Does your child enjoy The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series? If so, do you think he or she would enjoy this Wimpy Kid themed stationary?

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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Visiting the Darkest Places


Gillian Flynn may be best known as the author of Gone Girl, but her novel Dark Places is just as compelling.

Dark Places is set in a tiny Kansas farming town. Libby Day is the only surviving witness of a massacre that claimed the lives of her mother and her two sisters. Her brother Ben was convicted based on her testimony, but many people think that seven-year-old Libby was coached into saying what the prosecutors wanted to hear.

Libby has mostly kept to herself since the killings, but is coaxed into meeting with members of the Kill Club when she finds herself in desperate need of cash. The Kill Club considers themselves to be amateur detectives and they offer to pay Libby for information regarding the case.

The more Libby works with the group, the more she starts to doubt her memories of that dreadful night. In her quest for answers, she visits Ben in prison for the first time and seeks out the alcoholic father who abandoned the family shortly before the killings occurred.

For me, Gone Girl started off slow and picked up as it went along. Dark Places kept my attention all the way through. The ending is a little hard to believe, but it certainly qualifies as an interesting plot twist.

A movie adaptation of Dark Places starring Charlize Theron as Libby Day will be released in theaters on September 5, followed by a film adaptation of Gone Girl on October 3. Both films are predicted to be hits, so you’ll want to start reading ASAP so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

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