Canon Creative Park Is a Great Resource for Printable Crafts

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Canon Creative Park Is a Great Resource for Printable Crafts

I first discovered Canon Creative Park when I was looking for printable origami and free origami papers to feature on my About Origami site. But, even if you have absolutely no interest in origami, this site is a great resource for frugal children’s craft projects.

Your kids will have a blast making paper toys or assembling custom party decorations. All you need is paper, a color printer, scissors, and some tape or glue.

The projects on Canon Creative Park are designed to suit a wide range of ability levels. Some of the projects are very simple, while others are quite intricate. Be realistic about your child’s attention span and ability to cut out small shapes before trying to assemble one of the more complex projects.

All of the files on this site are PDF downloads. The description on each project page offers tips about that type of paper to use, what settings are recommended for your printer, and what is the best orientation for printing the document.

I could easily spend hours browsing through the Canon Creative Park site looking for things to make. I download anything that looks interesting immediately, however.

Although the instructions for the individual projects are clear and easy to follow, I think the navigation of the site is a little tricky. If I don’t download or bookmark something right away, it’s easy for me to lose track of where it is.

Do you enjoy making printable craft projects with your kids? If so, what is your favorite site for craft project downloads?

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