Candyman: The Story of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Is Bittersweet

If you enjoy documentaries and you or your kids love Jelly Belly jelly beans, Candyman is worth checking out. Depending on their ages, this film may even be enough to hold your kids’ attention so you can watch it together.

I was able to watch it for free with Amazon Prime (my five-year-old was only interested in a few minutes at a time), so if you have that, you wont have to spend anything to see it.

This documentary walks you through the whole history of Jelly Belly jelly beans, which starts well before what youll see written on the bags and boxes of them today. According to the film, David Klein gets next to no credit for the Jelly Belly idea, though he is mentioned on the Jelly Belly website in the company history.

Candyman is an interesting look at how David Klein, the creator of Jelly Belly, came up with and marketed his productas well as how he let it go too early, right before it really took off. Its also a look at what a generous, normal person he is, that he isnt just some rich genius behind a popular candy.

All the money he made from the Jelly Belly sale is actually gone now, but he is still constantly brainstorming for new candy ideas. None of his new ideas have been as big of a hit as Jelly Belly so far, but hes trying his hand at jelly beans once again, Davids Signature Beyond Jelly Beans,and the flavors sound exciting (bacon, habanero, pomegranate, black cherry, cranberry, ginger, and wasabi, for example).

There’s a Man Mix you can give your husband, too (though I’d probably want to grab a few for myself once they were open).

This is an interesting tale, not just because of the association with the famous candy and the man behind it, but also because its about family, friends, hard work, and being cautious about where you place your trust.

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