Can Jokari Healthy Steps Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re trying to make sure your family stays healthy, you might be interested in the Jokari Healthy Steps kitchen essentials tool set.

This is a collection of gadgets that make it easier for you to measure out proper portions when you’re preparing meals for your family.

The set includes a vegetable spoon, starch spoon, protein spatula, serving ladle, cheese grater, and salad dressing lid. I’ve seen the spoons for sale on several websites by themselves, but the value set seems like the best bargain to me.

Of all the pieces in this set, I think my family would get the most use out of the dressing lid. My husband and I have been trying to eat more salads, but both of us have a love affair with ranch dressing. And, a salad ceases to be healthy if you’ve covered it in half a bottle of dressing!

There are lots of different companies that make portion control products, but I like this idea because it’s subtle.

It breaks my heart to see moms harping at their kids about “getting fat” if they eat too much. While I understand the importance of teaching kids good eating habits, there is a fine line between teaching about good nutrition and giving your child serious self-esteem issues.

I’m OK with telling my son to take one scoop of pasta when dishing up his plate, but I’d feel weird using one of the more elaborate measuring systems to keep him from eating “too much” for dinner.

What do you think of the Jokari Healthy Steps kitchen essentials tool set? Is this something you’d use for your family?

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