Brighten Your Child’s Day with Lunchbox Love

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Brighten Your Child’s Day with Lunchbox Love

Lunchbox Love believes that a note of encouragement from mom or dad is a great way to brighten a child’s day. This company sells packages of tiny notecards that feature positive affirmations for children, such as “Your smile brightens my day.” and “Your thoughts and opinions matter to me.”

On the back of each card is a fun trivia fact or joke for your child to share with his friends. The notes are printed on quality cardstock that is about the size of a standard business card.

Lunchbox Love messages promote the importance of sharing, caring, and being a responsible person. They are not religious in nature. Say Please, the company that created Lunchbox Love, was founded by two mothers who wanted to create products with positive messages for kids as an alternative to merchandise featuring slogans like “My favorite accessory is my dad’s credit card” or “Boys are stupid.”

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, Lunchbox Love cards are meant to be tucked inside a child’s packed lunch to provide a special treat when they are at school. But, if your kid doesn’t take his lunch to school, they’re useful for all sorts of occasions.

For example, I used the cards that Lunchbox Love sent me to review as fillers for half of the eggs in our family Easter egg hunt to cut down on the amount of candy my son received. Since some of the cards have blank spaces for writing your own message on one side, I also think they’d be fun to use as notes from the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus.

Think Lunchbox Love sounds too cute for just the kids to enjoy? The company also makes notes for coworkers, spouses, and your best girlfriends so that everyone in your life can know how much you care. Visit Say Please to learn more or buy online through

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  • momhomeguide

    Very cute — I love leaving notes for my children in their lunch boxes.

  • Lucy

    Nice idea, and I particularly like how you used them for Easter egg filler and for the Tooth Fairy!

  • Jessica

    How cute. My daughter would love those in her lunch.

  • Jenny L

    I love the idea too, but i’m thinking, why dont i do it myself? Isnt it more personal when its homemade?

  • Dana Hinders

    Jenny – I’ve done handmade notes in the past too, but these are definitely a timesaver for busy moms or those who can’t think of any cute messages to write. Plus, if you have more than one kid, handmade notes would probably take a while to make.

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