Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 Offers More Sunscreen but Less Moisture

I’ve been using the Boscia Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15for years, so when I saw the new SPF 30 version,when I ran out of my other one, I didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Unfortunately, it seems like the additional sunscreen means less moisture.

I’m not sure how that could be, but the texture’s a little off. It seems slightly thicker, drier, and has less slip so it’s harder to smooth over your skin–and even though the SPF 15 lotion didn’t exactly act like a heavy moisturizer, this one falls short of even that one’s performance.

I almost feel as if I didn’t put moisturizer on at all when I use it. The SPF 15 version provides more moisture. It’s not always enough for the coldest, driest winter days, but it’s perfect in the summer and suitable for most of the days in-between.

It’s nice to feel that my face is more protected from the sun with the SPF 30, but I feel like I need to apply a separate oil or moisturizer underneath it. SPF 15 is pretty low for me. I’m pasty pale and burn easily. Since my skin is sensitive, too, I’ve had a hard time finding both skin care products and sunscreens that work without irritation.

The Boscia line has been my go-to for a long time, for everything from face washes to eye creams and masks, and it’s rarely disappointed me. The product’s pH balanced and free of artificial fragrance, preservatives, ethanol alcohol, and it’s color-free.

Most of the products in the line are pretty “clean” and don’t irritate my skin, so I’m a little sad that this one leaves my skin feeling dry and a little itchy. The sunscreen’s presence doesn’t burn my eyes, though, so that’s a plus.

Because the Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 meets my sunscreen needs but not my moisturizer needs, I’m not sure it’s worth the $36 it costs. If it did both things well, I’d be more likely to want to shell out $36 for the 1.4 oz tube again.

Photo credit: Sephora

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