Bedside Storage Caddy Is an Inexpensive Way to Control Clutter

Do your kids seem to accumulate a lot of stuff next to their beds? The last time I went to pick up my son’s room, he had three books, a flashlight, a teddy bear, a water bottle, a box of tissues, a sketchbook, and two markers in his bed.

After that, I started looking for ways to keep this clutter under control. (My son’s room is kind of small, so he doesn’t have a separate nightstand to put his things on.)

Amazon has a pocket bedside storage caddy that I really like for only $9.97. It slips under the mattress and provides a place to store all your bedside necessities.

I actually think I might have to snag one for myself, since I can never find the remote to my Wii when I want to watch Supernatural on Netflix! It also seems like it would be nice to stash my eyeglasses in, since my dresser is currently on the other side of the bedroom.

The caddy gets relatively positive reviews, although most of the buyers caution not to stuff it too full since the extra weight will make it slip to the floor. A few people mentioned adding Velcro strips to it to make it a little more sturdy, which seems like a good idea to me.

What do you think? Would you buy something like this to keep bedroom clutter under control?

Photo credit: Amazon

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