Be a Hit at the Next PTO Bake Sale

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Be a Hit at the Next PTO Bake Sale

Sometimes, I think being a mom is synonymous with baking cupcakes. My son loves cupcakes! He would eat nothing but cupcakes all day if you let him. So, I jumped at the chance to receive a review copy of 150 Cupcake Recipes. This is an updated and enhanced version of Julie Hasson’s previous cookbook, 125 Best Cupcake Recipes.

Most of the recipes in 150 Best Cupcake Recipes are straightforward to make and sure to appeal to your kids. There are recipes for pink lemonade cupcakes, S’mores cupcakes, confetti cupcakes, cookies and cream cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, and the time-tested classic ice cream cone cupcakes.

My family’s favorite was the recipe for chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. If you’re looking for grown-up cupcake ideas, however, there are ideas for more unusual flavors like green tea cupcakes, margarita cupcakes, and cappuccino cupcakes in the “Adults Only” chapter of the book.

I liked that this book included a chapter with 25 vegan recipes for cupcakes. Unfortunately, I live in a rural area and am not experienced with vegan baking. I was unable to find all of the ingredients to actually test out any of these recipes. The recipes did sound appealing enough that I might try to track down some of the necessary ingredients online, however.

Most of the recipes have multiple suggestions for frosting possibilities and variations, so there are probably more than 150 different types of cupcakes you could theoretically make from this book. If you’re all thumbs when it comes to decorating your cupcakes, there’s a handy section of decorating tips for beginners at the beginning of the book. You might want to highlight this section for future reference, even on those occasions when you resort to making cupcakes from a mix.

There’s no nutritional information listed for any of the cupcakes featured in 150 Best Cupcake Recipes, although common sense tells us that these recipes are probably best enjoyed in moderation.

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  • Debra

    I’ve never heard of “adult” cupcakes before. I didn’t realize that you could bake cupcakes with alcohol in them? I would definitely need a 2 cupcake limit!