Add Magic to Your Meals

If you have a child who wants to be a princess, a wizard, or a magician, you need to check out these adorable magic wand salt and pepper shakers.They offer a whimsical way to make mealtime a bit more fun for your child.

If you have a picky eater or a kid who just doesn’t want to sit still long enough to finish a meal, I’m sure you can see the value of such things.

If you’re worried about your little ones giving themselves high blood pressure by dumping a container full of salt on their food, I’d suggest either giving them the empty shakers so they can pretend to add “magic” to their food or plugging up a few of the holes with superglue so they can’t do too much damage.

I glued a few of the holes on a set of salt and pepper shakers when my son was younger. He was happy to be seasoning his food like a grownup and I didn’t have to worry about him ruining the meal I’d made.

The shakers are made from food safe plastic and are available on the Perpetual Kid website. If you’re not familiar with the site, they have lots of cute gift ideas for both the young and the young at heart.

They are all quirky, random bits of fun that you wouldn’t necessarily think to buy on your own. Whenever I need a gift for a hard-to-buy for friend or family member, this is one of my go-to sites.

Photo credit: Perpetual Kid

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