A Unique Way to Display Your Favorite Flowers

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A Unique Way to Display Your Favorite Flowers

I seldom get flowers from my husband because our budget is so tight these days, but I’m tempted to snag one of these vintage book vases and have it filled with a silk arrangement.

I love old books and think these vases would be the perfect addition to my home library!

There are three different sizes of vases.  The largest size looks like a world atlas. The medium vase is titled “English Fairy Tales.” The smallest vase is the French “Corsaire.” ‘

The vases are made from solid terracotta that is hand finished to look like antique leather bound books. They are all water tight and supposed to be suitable for outdoor use, although I’m not sure I’d even want to risk having my vase get stolen by leaving it in my front yard.

The vases are available on the Ballard Designs website. The small vase is $39, the medium vase is $45, and the large vase is $69.

The reviewers on the store’s site all seem to be quite pleased with their purchases and describe the vases as being very sturdy and unlikely to tip over.

If you need some help arranging your flowers once you get your vase, the Martha Stewart website has a Flower Arranging Secrets slideshow that I think has several useful tips.

When you get flowers, do you prefer displaying them in a simple vase or do you like the look of unique containers like these vintage book vases?

Photo credit: Ballard Designs

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    As a book lover, I love this!

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    I have a simple vase but I have been wanting to buy something a little nicer, and these are adorable.