A Trend for Less: Old Navy Colored Denim

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A Trend for Less: Old Navy Colored Denim

If you basically live in jeans and t-shirts or tanks like I do, you know how boring that can get. But what good would it do to dress up to chase kids around, paint, go to the park, have applesauce flicked your way, etc?

One of the ways I’ve found to change things up a little is to hop on board with the colored denim trend while it lasts. Because I don’t see it lasting for years and years, I started out by dabbling in the Old Navy selection of colorful denim; it’s not worth the investment of higher-end pieces. I’ll pay more for regular blue jeans, but pink? Green? Coral? Nah.

There are a couple of annoying things about the colored denim selection despite the surprising number of colors and sizes available, and if you’re familiar with Old Navy clothing for women at all, you probably already know what they are:

  • You should either go to the store so you can try the jeans on or order several sizes. Each pair of pants may fit differently, and you may need a completely different size in two different pairs of jeans. I have the Rockstar colored jeans, and I had to go up two sizes from the one I usually wear in Old Navy jeans. I found getting the right size of the colored denim much more difficult than finding the right size within their regular blue jeans line. This could be the case with their pencil skirts or even the jackets as well, but I can’t speak for those.
  • They tend to lose their shape throughout the day. This isn’t a problem exclusive to Old Navy. A lot of my jeans have this problem. I can start the day without a belt and need one by 3:00. Still, it’s worth mentioning because it’s noticeable and annoying. Again, this may not be as much of an issue for skirts and jackets as it is for jeans.

One thing I was concerned about that didn’t end up being an issue was the dye bleeding onto everything else. I bought the pink pair and had no issues when I washed them. They didn’t dye my skin pink or rub color onto the fabric of my shirt or any seats throughout the day.

Even though there are some definite hurdles to jump when you’re shopping for Old Navy’s colored denim, I still recommend it because it’s so much less expensive than other brands, plus the denim is lightweight and stretchy enough to move comfortably in.

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