A Spill Proof Sippy Cup That Really Doesn’t Spill

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A Spill Proof Sippy Cup That Really Doesn’t Spill

If you are a mom of toddlers, you probably have spent a fortune on sippy cups. All of them promise that they are “leak-proof” and “spill-proof” and not a one of them is. Even when you think that your child is being careful, you find little juice spots all over the floor – proof that those leak-proof cups are in fact leaking.

See those cute sippy cups in the picture? Guess what…they don’t leak! I know you don’t believe me because I wouldn’t believe it myself if someone told me the same thing. But these cups seriously DO NOT LEAK. Seriously.

These lifesavers are The First Years/Learning Curve 9-ounce insulated sippy cups.

I bought them at the grocery story one day when we were going to visit family for the day and I forgot the girls’ sippy cups. There wasn’t much of a selection, so I picked them up because they had princesses on them and they didn’t cost a fortune. They were about $5 each.

The cups are BPA free, and are insulated and sweat proof. An added bonuse that I didn’t know when I bought them is that they are valve-free! The valve is built into the lid, so there aren’t a bunch of pieces to talk apart and try not to lose when you wash them.

Next time you are shopping for sippy cups, keep these cups in mind! Have you found any other sippy cups that really don’t leak?

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  • Penny W.

    I always figured it was the worn-out valves that made the cups leak a bit. From the way I had to scrub them to get all the nasty bits out, it’s no wonder.

    But a cup without a valve? You wouldn’t think that would be leak-proof at all. Great news!

  • Liz

    I have tons of these and they are wonderful! My husband and I have tried almost every brand on the market and it is very frustraiting when you loose a valve or are missing a part ( I swear the dishwasher eats them). I also find it very frustraiting to try to clean the little straws and inside the little tube parts of some. These cups, however, are so easy to clean they really are just as wonderful as she says, they work great and they dont leak. they can break, if like my daughter you stick a chopstick in the vent hole or other foreign objects in there but other than that they are pretty indestructable.

    the only warning I give is if you fill the cup too full and put the top in it causes the vents to have air pressure behind them and they will leak untill your child takes their first sip. so to combat this I will ocasionally when I know it is pretty full I will screw the top on and take a quick sip and then hand it to her to.