A Space Saving DVD Storage Solution

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A Space Saving DVD Storage Solution

Before we started using Netflix for most of our TV watching, we accumulated a huge DVD collection. Since we lived in a small apartment at the time, I ended up taking them out of the cases and organizing them in binders similar to the ones in this post.

This ended up being a great way to deal with my son’s favorite cartoon DVDs. I used one binder for Thomas and Friends, one for Sesame Street, one for Disney movies, and one for everything else. They started out alphabetized, but I soon realized that just teaching my son to put the discs back in the correct binder was good enough.

The Atlantic DVD storage cube featured in this post holds 96 DVDs – 24 in each of 4 color coded binders. What I like about this system is that you can buy additional units and stack or lock them on top of each other to accommodate a growing DVD collection. They can also be mounted on the wall if necessary.

We don’t have many as many DVDs anymore, but I eventually plan to swap out our current binders for these cubes.

As far as I can tell, the only real drawback to this storage method comes when you want to get rid of the DVDs. Consignment stores won’t buy discs without the cases, but I had no trouble selling our DVDs for $1 each at a garage sale. If possible, I would suggest sticking the cases in a basement or garage if you think you might want to sell your DVDs in the future.

The Atlantic DVD storage cube is available for sale on the Office Max website for $34.99. Unfortunately, it’s not available for pickup at any Office Max retail locations.

Do your children have a large DVD collection? If so, how do you keep everything organized?

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    This is great. I have a system like this for my DVDs, but I could use one for my husband’s.

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    I have been really reluctant to get rid of my cases, but if I were willing to I would definitely use these.