A Natural Way to Soothe Your Baby’s Teething Pain

Did you know that you aren’t supposed to use the regular Orajel Teething Instant Relief Gel for your baby’s teething pain if your child has a history of allergic reactions to local anesthetics, including benzocaine, procaine, and butacaine?

Regular Orajel also has mineral oil and petroleum–ingredients that many parents try to avoid using in products for their children. Luckily, Orajel has come up with a natural alternative to their popular product.

Baby Orajel Naturals uses chamomile, an aromatic herb that has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and a treatment for pain or discomfort. The product has no benzocaine and is dye-free, sugar-free, paraben-free, and sodium lauryl sulfate-free.

I relied heavily on the regular Orajel formula when my son was teething, but this is a product I definitely would have tried if it had been available when I needed it.

I think it’s smart to choose natural products for your child whenever possible, so I would definitely encourage new moms to try the natural version of Orajel first to see if it helps relieve their baby’s teething pain.

In addition to the gel formula, Orajel also makes homeopathic teething tablets with chamomile. I always found gel products easier to use with an infant, but it’s nice to have two options to choose from for your child.

Have you had a chance to try Orajel’s new natural teething products? If so, how do you think they compare to the original formulas?

Photo credit: Orajel

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