A Fun Way to Disguise Your Child’s Lunch

In theory, I love the idea of making Bento lunches for my son. In practice, I hate getting up early in the morning. I’d rather hit the snooze button a few extra times than chop veggies and fuss over cutting sandwiches into elaborate shapes.

But, these Accoutrements Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags are an idea I can get behind. Even a humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich looks cute when it’s in a bag with glasses and a mustache!

The Perpetual Kid website has these bags for $5.49 for a box of 20. There are two different designs: the traditional Groucho disguise and a monocle and mustache combo.

Spending over $5 for a box of sandwich bags seems a little crazy in my book, and I don’t really like using throwaway containers for my son’s lunch any more than I have to.

I’m trying my best to keep our household relatively eco-friendly. So, I’d probably save these bags for special occasions like his birthday or when I knew he had an important test at school.

Aside from school lunches, I think another fun use for these bags would be for making birthday party food. If your child’s party had a disguise or dress-up theme, I think these bags would be a fun way to serve sandwiches. Then, if the kids don’t eat all of their food, it’s easy for them to take it home.

What do you think of these sandwich bags? Would your child like something like this for his or her lunch?

Photo credit: Perpetual Kid

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