A Creative Way to Keep Fluffy Fit

Although you see lots of news stories about the dangers of childhood obesity, nobody seems to pay much attention to the weight of the family pet. However, animals can also suffer from health problems when they are overweight.

The family pet is at a particular disadvantage because pets no longer have to hunt for their food and have limited incentive to exercise.

Our cat, Molly, has been a part of our family since she was just a tiny kitten. Lately though, we’ve noticed she’s not so tiny! My son could once pick her up easily, but now he struggles to lift her.

If you have a cat who suffers from similar weight issues, check Aikious Interactive Feeding Station. This unique product features a series of tubes that hide the food.

Your cat accesses the treats by hitting the tubes with her paws, taking care to avoid the textured base of the feeding station. So your cat doesn’t become bored, the tubes can be moved around to make the process more challenging.

According to the maker, the feeding station helps slow your cat’s weight gain by making her work for her meal. Eating more slowly also helps prevent your cat from developing digestive problems.

Aikious Interactive Feeding Station is made from food grade plastic and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The tubes have measuring marks to help you determine how much your cat is eating each day.

What do you think of Aikious Interactive Feeding Station? Is this something your cat would enjoy?

Photo credit: Aikiou

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