A Clever Way to Organize Gamer Gear

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A Clever Way to Organize Gamer Gear

Aside from the occasional round of Just Dance on the Wii, I’m not really a fan of video games. My husband and my son, however, live for gaming.

I cringe to think how much money we’ve spent to accumulate our impressive collection of gear. We’ve sold a lot of it in the past year, but we still have enough that my son’s friends from school are in awe whenever they come over to play.

One thing that’s really annoying about gaming gear is that you need to be careful how you store it. With new video games costing almost $60 and popular used titles costing $30 to $40, you don’t want a scratched disk that can’t be played.

We’ve also had trouble in the past with headsets getting stepped on and sticky soda ruining the buttons of the controllers. I’ve given countless lectures about being more careful, but I think the problem is that our current storage method is less than ideal.

We don’t have one of these yet, but I’m thinking the Gamekeeper storage tower featured in this post might be a great birthday present for either my husband or my son. The metal storage rack is deigned to keep gaming gear organized, accessible, and protected.

It can accommodate quite a few games, as well as up to three separate consoles. I also like that it has a pull out drawer and leveling feet with lockable casters.

The Gamekeeper Wire 4 Tier Tower for Gaming Gear sells for $49.99 on the Toys R Us website. Unfortunately, it’s not sold in Toys R Us retail store locations.

If you have a family full of gamers, how do you keep your gear under control?

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