A Clever Solution for Storing Children’s Books

Posted on Jul 14, 2013 by 5 Comments
A Clever Solution for Storing Children’s Books

I’m a big believer in providing children with lots of access to books, but you have to admit that children’s books are a pain in the rear to store. They’re all oddly shaped and either don’t fit in a standard bookcases or tend to tip when you try to remove a book or two from the shelf.

This awesome Good Read Book Caddy from Land of Nod looks like it would solve both of my book storage pet peeves while making it easier for kids to grab a favorite book to look at before naptime or bedtime.

The bookcase is made of solid beech panels with a low emission engineered wood shelf. The top shelf is 10.5″ at its deepest point.

The bookcase comes in several different colors so you can get one that perfectly matches your child’s room.

  • Red
  • Azure
  • Espresso
  • Grey
  • White

The only downside I can see to this bookcase is the price. The Good Read Book Caddy is $149. That would be perfectly reasonable for a full-sized bookcase, but seems kind of high for a smaller shelf like this. However, I suppose the product should get points for the fact that you could easily repurpose it to store toys or craft supplies once your child is past the picture book stage.

What do you think? Would the Good Read Book Caddy help tame your child’s library?

Photo credit: Land of Nod

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  • http://momhomeguide.com/ Mom Home Guide

    I love the caddy, but for that price, I’d want more storage. We have so many books!

  • http://www.befreebies.com/ BeFreebies.com

    Wow that is pricey — cute and it looks like a great way to store books for easy accessibility, but I would expect there are much cheaper bookcases that are just as functional.

  • alyssia

    too expensive for something that would not even hold half of my first graders books. I looked on ebay and didn’t see it on there yet. I would pay $50 for the one pictured.

  • http://www.livingthescream.com/ Living The Scream

    So cute! But yes really pricey.

  • Caree

    You could make that yourself for $20 in parts. There are plans on the web.