Spectrapure CSP Reverse Osmosis System Review And Analysis


The SpectraPure CSP line of reverse osmosis filtration systems and reverse osmosis coupled with deionization are some of the smallest yet most efficient and long lasting systems available. The systems are designed for household use but can accommodate industrial needs that are small. Multiple systems can be attached at different points in the home or business to provide large volumes of pure water as needed.

The idea behind the SpectraPure CSP is to provide a source of contaminate free water that protects people’s health and protects the piping, washers, and valves that the water runs through from damage. Cleaner water can guarantee lower repair bills, less work cleaning bathtubs and showers, and cleaner clothes.

Pure water

The purity of the water that comes out of a SpectraPure CSP is guaranteed by patented technology developed by SpectraPure and several systems that allow the owner to inspect the water quality at any time.

All the systems have a three-stage filtration process. The systems include a prefiltration step through a 0.5 micron sediment filter and activated charcoal. The system also has a silica trap. The waste that is collected is secured in a vessel that cannot back flush to the system. The reverse osmosis filters further cleans the water.

The SpectraPure CSP systems are designed to monitor themselves. Contaminate content is monitored at the feed of the three cylinder system and at the exit. The same system monitors the contaminate content of the reverse osmosis system. A separate monitor automatically flushes the entire system every hour to prevent any system overload.


The systems are 15 inches high, 16 inches wide, and six inches in depth. The size will fit any water entry area or any room. The small size also makes maintenance, inspection, and filter cleaning simple and easy.

Built to last

All of the working components are made of high density polymer. The frame is powder coated stainless steel. The SpectraPure CSP design is a guarantee that the systems will last and perform well much longer than the standard three year replacement warranty.

Easy to install and use

Each SpectraPure CSP unit comes with all of the tubing and connections that are needed to connect to any water supply. The kit even comes with a special wrench to connect the parts to the frame. Preparation and installation should take no more than two hours.

The canisters are clear. This feature makes the inspection of the unit much easier and faster.

The waste can be ported to a container or simply outside the home. The piping and connections for the disposal are included in the system.

Multiple sizes

The SpectraPure CSP systems come in 90 gallon per day and 180 gallon per day models. The fit for any home is made by reading your water bill and finding out your monthly usage and doing a little division.


The cost of the SpectraPure CSP system ranges from $250 to $370 depending on your volume choice and needs for reverse osmosis. You can spend that much on repairs for copper deterioration alone in a year.

The SpectraPure CSP is small, convenient, technologically superior, and easy to install and operate.

Cree LEDS – our pick for LED bulbs


What are Cree LEDs?
The Cree brand has been providing innovations in the lighting industry since the company was founded in 1987. Today, LEDs are some of the company’s most popular products. Currently, Cree offers LED bulbs, LED lighting systems and LED components. Consumers use these provides to create custom lighting solutions for their specific needs.

Cree LED lighting offers users the benefits of high quality, long life and reduced energy consumption. Since LED lighting is quite bright, some users complain about its artificial look. Cree has solved this issue by creating LED lights with a more natural look than CFLs. Although the light is very bright, it matches the warmth of traditional incandescent bulbs, giving users the best of both worlds.

When compared with traditional lighting, Cree LEDs provide that same amount of life while using just 10 to 15 percent of the energy. Through the life of each LED, this can allow customers to save hundreds of dollars. As of 2016, Cree estimates that customers can save over $400 in electric and relamping costs for each downlight that is replaced with a Cree LED.

How are Cree LEDs used?
The amount of uses for Cree LEDs is almost limitless! The company offers products for both indoor and outdoor use. Cree LEDs can be used in floodlights, street and roadway lights, pathway lights, and decorative lights for outdoor use. Specifically for indoor purposes, Cree offers LED suspending lighting, track lights, lamps, high-bay and low-bay lights, and new construction downlights.

What types of Cree LEDs are available?
Cree offers a variety of LEDs to meet the needs of private and commercial clients. Since the brand is a leader in innovation, the latest bulbs generally provide higher performance and greater energy efficiency than older models.

The XM-L LED is the typical flashlight LED. It produces a full flood beam with an impressive overall beam distance. Cree released the XP-L LED in 2014. This light can be driven at much higher currents than its predecessors, and it is offered in both regular and high intensity models. The T01 is 900 lumens, while the U11 is up to 1050.

Other types of Cree LEDs are also available. At Lighting.Cree.com, customers can see a full listing of current LED lights and other products.

Brondell H2O+ Review


The Brondell H2O+ water filtration system is one of the best products on the market in its category, with a number of features that set it apart from the competition. With a price tag that’s less than $200, The Brondell H2O+ is one of the best values available in the filtration market and this product will have your family drinking the best tasting, purest water possible. Unlike many complex reverse osmosis filtration systems, the H2O+ features an incredibly easy installation, long life of its three filters, and top notch customer support from Brondell, whose commitment to serving their customers is a rarity in today’s consumer landscape.

The Brondell H2O+ comes equipped with a three filter system complete with patented nanotrap technology, meaning that this filtration system can handle even the hardest of water. The H2O+ continuously filters water as it is run through the system and does not waste water like many complex reverse osmosis products are known to do. This product is incredibly simple to install and will fit virtually all standard kitchen faucets, meaning you and your family will be enjoying better tasting, purer water in no time at all. Elegant visual appeal and an ergonomically correct push button make this product perfect for design conscious customers. To assure shoppers who are considering purchasing this device that they won’t be wasting their money, Brondell has had the H2O+ certified by the Water Quality Association.

The Brondell H2O+ utilizes a streamlined triple filtration system, guaranteeing the cleanest water from your tap that is free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, microorganisms, bad taste and odor. The H2O+ features an extremely simple installation process that can be completed in ten minutes or less, and a versatile array of faucet adapters means this product will be useful in just about any home. Comprehensive and easily understandable instructions are included with the device to ensure even the most tech-challenged customers will be able to get this product working. The H2O+ features a lightweight and compact design, meaning it can easily be moved to different faucets around the home without taking up valuable real estate or compromising the decorative appeal of the appliance it is being used with.

The H2O+ filtration system may seem expensive compared to your run of the mill faucet-mounted filter, but the difference in function is marked and this product outclasses other similar filtration systems. The filters used in the H2O+ are long lasting, and the average user will go about six months between filter replacement. This product is perfect for environmentally conscious consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint by cutting down on reliance of the bottled water industry for filtered water without sacrificing quality or taste. The easy installation offered by the H2O+ makes this product ideal for customers who rent their home, as it doesn’t require any drilling or fixture to a surface.

While the Brondell H2O+ comes packed with a number of top notch features, if there were an area of complaint for this product it would be the construction of the diverter switch. While the H2O+ features durable construction overall, the switch is made of plastic and as the most heavily used element of the filtration system it is the most likely part to break. However, Brondell stands behind their product and offers a one year warranty on the H2O+. Brondell’s commitment to customer satisfaction makes this a small detractor from the overall value of an otherwise great product.

Despite the minor issues regarding the diverter switch, Brondell’s H2O+ is an effective and reliable water filtration system that will provide customers with the functionality they demand, coupled with competitive pricing and ease of use. It’s small and lightweight design is complemented by a pleasing aesthetic appeal, meaning your filtration system won’t become an eyesore on your kitchen’s decorative efforts. The H2O+’s triple filtration system is very effective and will provide ease of mind to users, and the incredibly simple installation process is perfect for renters and customers who want their product up and running in no time. With long lasting filters and certification from the Water Quality Association, the Brondell H2O+ is one of the best products in its category and is sure to improve your family’s drinking water.

Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator Review


This dehydrator doesn’t have the sleekest of designs. It is a similar to a large toaster in size, and has an opening where you place your food on the trays to let them dry. As a side note, there are six trays, so you can dry a good bit of food at once.

It also has a drip pan at the bottom to remove the water after the food has been dehydrated, which is a big plus. It weighs 11.7 pounds, so it is definitely an investment in terms of space.

Speaking of investment, this dehydrator is currently being sold for $129.89 on Amazon. This is pretty middle of the road; it isn’t crazy expensive, but most people can’t just buy it on a whim, either. It certainly comes with all of the essentials; it has an internal fan to allow for even drying, and a thermostat that ranges from 95 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

First Impressions

I was initially surprised at how big this unit was! If you’ve read above then you know what to expect, but I hadn’t realized the scale it was built on. Some would say it’s clunky, which is fair, but this also means that it can hold a lot of food at once, so I’m not complaining!

I got it set up right away and didn’t have any issues. It comes with an owner’s manual that also says how long you can expect to wait on certain kinds of food, which is a nice touch. Once it was all set up, the only thing left to do was give it a whirl!


One disconcerting thing that I noticed was the smell of burning plastic when I first turned on this unit. It lasted for about five minutes and hasn’t been an issue since then, so I’m willing to let it go, but it’s something to be aware of.

I decided to start out with something easy; veggies! I put in some spinach and kale and gave it three hours to dry them. When I opened it up, voila! Perfectly dehydrated and all of the residue had landed in the drip pan at the bottom. I wiped down the trays and while I wouldn’t say they are particularly easy to clean them, it certainly isn’t a big chore.

After I cleaned my trays, I moved on to something a bit bigger. I spread out about a pound of beef jerky on some parchment paper and let the dehydrator do its thing. I came back to it eight hours later, a pretty normal time for that amount of meat, and it was perfect! Totally dried and ready to be stored. Cleanup was just as easy with meat, almost all of the residue ended up in the drip pan.

Final Verdict

I have to give this product two big thumbs up! It has been dependable and has yet to let me down with any task. Everything I put in dries easily and I don’t have to worry about it not drying evenly because of the internal fan.

If I had one complaint, it would be that it’s hard to check on the food once it’s in there without opening the door, which obviously lets the heat out. That is far from a big deal, though, and it’s how most dehydrators work anyway.

Overall this was an amazing product, and I don’t have much negative to say about it. The Aroma Professional Dehydrator gets 4.5 stars out of 5 from me!

Best Spinning Bikes for 2016

Spin bikes are gaining popularity because they are a fun way to work on your cardio and tone the lower body. Here are our picks for the best spin bike.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Sunny SF-B1423


The Sunny SF-B1423 comes in a huge box, and the advantage of this bike is that the main frame has already been assembled. When it comes to the rest of the assembly, it takes between 30 minutes to one hour to put the pedals and seat together, a little longer than average. Nevertheless, you have an excellent and reliable monitor that will track your riding performance that includes speed and calories. When we look at price, you have more expensive bikes that do not offer the same level of quality that the Sunny SF-B1423 offers.

When it comes to the total weight when shipping, it will weigh about 106 pounds, which is somewhat heavy compared to some of the other exercise bikes that you can buy. The heaviest parts of this bike include the flywheel and the frame. Unfortunately, there are no wheels, so if you plan to move this exercise bike around, you should carry it piece by piece to avoid hurting your back. After you have figured out how to put this bike together, it does not take a lot of work to assemble. Another nice thing is that the instructions of this bike are fairly clear.

This exercise bike operates pretty quietly—the belt will make a somewhat swishing sound, and that is all that you will hear. In terms of the seating, you have a comfortable ride that will allow for longer sessions without discomfort and hoping that it will end. You also have a 40 lbs flywheel that guarantees a longer and smoother ride. With a lighter flywheel the problem is that it will sometimes vibrate, and you want to avoid that where possible. Because of the 40 lbs flywheel, you can work up a sweat in no time!

You could probably compare this little tracker to the FitBit HR, and they will only be a few calories off from each other. The distance could be slightly over, but if that does not matter much to you, then you have an excellent ride. You can have a great workout while writing down the information so that you can track your progress over time.

The greatest problem of the Sunny SF-B1423 is that it does not have a great deal of stability. Neither the seating nor the overall bike feel completely sturdy when riding compared to what you might have with a gym bike. Nevertheless, there are advantages to that, such as you can move around more freely.

The Sunny SF-B1423 has a solid construction of excellent quality, and it does not come in a cheap tube stock. The heavy duty steel frame also adds to the ideas of top-notch quality. In addition, this bike comes with box wrenches so that you can put it together more easily. Another thing worth noting is that they are not throw away tools. You can use them even after you have finished putting this bike together.

Schwinn IC2


The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike is a stationary bike that’s intended for home use. The indoor bike has a 31-pound flywheel, a wheel on a stationary bike that provides continuous resistance for the rider, placing the bike on the low-end in terms of flywheel weight. This, in turn, makes the Schwinn IC2 both less difficult and slightly less stable to ride. For this reason, it’s a better choice for those looking to do lower-impact home training, than those looking for a higher-intensity program. It is also not suitable for commercial or high-use settings.

The use of an over-sized steel tube provides safety and support and offers protection from corrosion over time. The support frame utilizes a wool felt pad to provide a smooth and consistent resistance, as well as allowing the rider to increase or decrease resistance for a customized workout. The bike uses direct drive gearing, which does create some noise with the drive chain, but not enough that it’s overly problematic, particularly if the user listens to music while riding.

The Schwinn IC2 indoor bike includes a BioConnect Feedback system that is comprised of an easy-to-read LCD screen that shows the rider the distance, time ridden, wheel rotations per minute (RPM), current speed and number of calories burned during the ride. For an indoor bike in this price range, this is a nice feature, but for those accustomed to using stationary bikes in a professional setting, it has the potential to fall short. The screen cycles through the various data points one at a time and is neither interactive or intuitive. One major drawback is that there is no measure of what resistance level the rider is at, other than feel.

Additional features of the Schwinn IC2 include:
Adjustable seat, handlebars, foot pedals and straps
A water bottle or mp3 holder
Distance displays available in either miles or kilometers
Easy-to-assemble and includes two AA batteries for the display

Measuring just over 4-feet high and just under 4-feet long, the Schwinn IC2 is fairly compact and a good size for use in the home. It weighs 83 pounds and is rated for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. The bike is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty providing five years of coverage on the frame, one year on the mechanical and electrical systems and 90 days for wear on parts.

Avid bikers note that while it’s not the top-of-the-line indoor bike model, the Schwinn IC2 offers a great value at an affordable price and allows any rider to continue to train during inclement weather or at periodic times throughout the day when it’s impossible to get out for a long ride. Users may feel that the handlebars are tilted forward more than they are used to, particularly mountain bike riders, which may cause lower back discomfort. Additionally, bike seats are not one-size-fits-all, and some riders may find the seat uncomfortable.

If a buyer is looking for an indoor bike for long, daily use, the Schwinn IC2 may not be the best performer, sometimes experiencing problems with wear on the resistance pad or giving an overall less consistent ride. However, with an affordable price point, often running several hundred dollars less than higher-end stationary bikes, price-sensitive or entry-level buyers will find that the Schwinn IC2 provides suitable features and comfort, and overall provides a good workout at a good price.

Xspec Pro


While the Xspec Pro does not feel like a sturdy cycling bike, it does get the job done, and you have a great deal when compared to spending $2,000 on the latest spinning cycle. It is a more affordable option, and this is an item that does not take a lot of expertise to assemble. Because it only weighs around 66 pounds, you can move it around easily when needed.

What makes the Xspec Pro a great purchase? First, you have all the technology that makes the higher end spinning bikes great. For example, it will look at speed and count your calories. The Xspec Pro will even track your heart beat, and it has two wire plugs that let you connect to the device. One has been intended for the cable and the other goes to the heart beat sensors. The main reason for sharing that is because it could take a person a while to figure that aspect of it out.

The Xspec Pro has been manufactured with a high quality heavy aluminum frame, and what is nice about that is that it highlights the classy design of this spinning bike. Luckily, you can also adjust the seat to suit your height, and you can read the feedback information of your session on the LCD monitor, which will track your speed, distance, calories burned and the total time spent on the cycle. The bike offers you a simple but elegant style, and it has become known for its marvelous appearance and quality.

Crosslinks, a brand of exercise bikes, takes indoor cycling to the next level, and you have a distinctive appearance with this bike. One of the advantages of this bike is that you have excellent rust resistance that makes the bike one of the best in its class. Do you want reinforced bearings, axle and cranks that will give you a dependable performance with every ride? If so, the Xspec Pro has a non-slip grip and comfortable handlebars that make the experience that much better. Along with the bike, you will also receive a water bottle and cup holder that comes with this bike. Riding can sometimes be a tiring exercise, and you want to stay hydrated while riding on this exercise bike. What are some of the other features?

Wheels for Easier Transport
No-slip Pedals
Emergency Breaks

The maximum weight that the Xspec Pro can hold sits at around 250 lbs. You have a 28 pound flywheel, which is in the medium to higher range of weight for a flywheel. However, a heavier flywheel has the advantage of less vibration, and it will give your muscles an even better workout. The latest exercise bike from Crosslinks has more navigable features, and it fits for riders of all abilities. Whether you are a beginner or hardcore expert, this bike will give you a great return on your investment. If you are looking for a more affordable choice in an exercise bike, the Xspec Pro might be a better choice for you.

Best Backpack Child Carriers for 2016

Parents who like to remain active with infants and toddlers will love a backpack child carrier. This type of carrier is designed to be comfortable for both parents and children even for extended periods of time. Use a child carrier for trips to amusement parks, hiking, festivals, and even shopping. Children get tired easily, and carrying them can be challenging and exhausting. Strollers work great but are not always an option at some places. A backpack child carrier can easily be brought in small cars or on a bus, making it more versatile than a stroller. Here are our picks for the best backpack child carriers.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier


Littlelife Freedom carrrier is designed to be used like a backpack, with the child being carried on your back. There is a harness, hip belt strap, and stabilizer straps that can be adjusted based on the height and size of the user. It is best to adjust the carrier to your personal comfort before placing your child in the carrier. The seat where a child sits is anatomically designed for children, making it snug and cozy for your child. Use the child harness and height adjustment straps to position your child properly. Your child’s arms will remain free and not restricted. A unique feature of this child carrier is the optional foot stirrups. Keeping your child comfortable will help them relax and enjoy being in the carrier.

For additional comfort, the adjustable Air-flow backsystem prevents heat from building up and creates a separation between the carrier and your back. This is perfect for hot days or when you will be using the carrier for a long period of time. Reducing excess heat and sweat will help prevent skin irritation and keep parents and children cool. Use the included canopy to keep your child protected from the sun and rain.

A huge convenience that this carrier has is the ample storage. There are toy attachment loops to keep toys close at hand. Several pockets in the front are easily accessible and are large enough for drinks and snacks. One of the side pouches can hold a 1L water bottle. The other side pouch zips shut to store important personal items such as car keys and wallets.

The Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier has the technology and design for comfortable wearing and accessories that make it easy and safe to use. Enjoy your trips and traveling more when you and your child are happy and comfortable with using the Little Freedom Child Carrier.

Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier


Experience freedom on the city streets and on country roads with the Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier. Designed to maximize family outings, this product is the preferred choice for those who enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle with their child. Available in orange and blue, parents and caregivers will receive many glances from admires when they carry their child in this sleek and stylish carrier.

The Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier is suitable for a child who weighs less than 40 pounds. The easily adjustable child harness offers a fun yet secure ride for little ones who are within the weight specifications. The parent harness is also adjustable to provide an ergonomic fit for adults of all heights and body types. The harness is equipped with padded shoulders and hip belts, which support against children and parents’ bodies. The air-tech mesh panels across the back of the product keeps the body cool while contouring to the spine for additional comfort. This technologically advanced harness system will distribute the weight of a child on a parent’s hips and not on his/her shoulders. As a result, the parent and child team can participate in activities for more than an hour.

Another highlight of the product is the drink bottle storage and streamline pockets. This great feature enables users to access essential items like keys, cell phone, and a wallet quickly and efficiently. The detachable mini-backpack provides little ones with the same benefit. Children can store important items like snacks, drinks, and small games in this cute and practical accessory. The mini-backpack can also be used as a diaper bag.

The Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier is made of extremely durable materials such as high-grade fabrics, which are washable and waterproof. The product also contains an internal aluminum frame and stand to provide strength and stability when parents are getting ready for a grocery run, day trip, or other outings. Moreover, these high-quality materials help parents load their child in the carrier safely by securing the adjustable hardness. Next, the caregivers can grip the strong handle to lift the carrier onto his/her back. After using the item, parents can simply fold the carrier to a flat position. Because the product folds to 23.5 x 12 x 6.5 inches, the carrier can be easily carried on a plane. The item can also fit comfortably in the trunk of a car.

Although the Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier is made with the highest quality of construction, the product comes with a two-year guarantee period for manufacturing defections. The consumer needs to register the item on the company’s website to have access to this benefit. A parent and child will definitely love the Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier.

Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier

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The innovative Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier is both lightweight and sturdy, and is packed with convenient details to make for a smart, comfortable ride for both children and parents. It’s tough enough to tackle the trails, but easy enough to use for daily urban adventures.

Made of durable fabric on a metal frame, this carrier can hold a child up to 40 pounds and can stand up to daily use in any and all weather. The metal alloy frame features a kickstand which enables the carrier to sit upright, making it easy to load or unload children. It can also fold flat for ease in travel and storage. Tough oxford cloth covers the frame and can stand up to mud, rain, and scrapes from active use. The fabric comes in two colors and cleans up in a snap.

The child seat sits high, giving kids an unparalleled view. It is well padded and the soft backing sports wide, comfortable shoulder straps to keep children safe and secure inside. The fabric is quick cleaning and stylish. A removable cloth canopy with clear plastic sides can function as a sunshade or a rain canopy to protect little ones from the elements. Two mesh side pockets with cinch tops are designed to hold water bottles, and a huge back pocket suspends under the seat and is big enough to fit diapers, wipes, snacks and any other essentials.

For the adult, this carrier sports extra cushiony shoulder straps and a thickly padded hip belt to evenly distribute weight and to make for a more comfortable ride. All straps are adjustable for a customized fit, allowing for quick and effortless changes between parents of different heights. The hip belt is plush and contoured with a zippered pocket sewn in to secure money, keys, and other parent necessities.

This full-featured carrier weighs a mere 5 pounds and can support up to 40 pounds safely. Children can begin using it once they can safely hold their head up on their own. The exceptional quality and durability of the design means that the Cross Country Carrier can stand up to years of regular use.

The Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier is loaded with thoughtful details and innovative engineering to offer parents an unrivaled option in a carrier. Lightweight, easy to use, and durable, it provides the ultimate in comfort and convenience for both parent and child. Whether hitting the trails or trekking through town, The Cross Country Carrier makes it easy and comfortable to travel as a family.

Best Audio Baby Monitors for 2016

If you’re a new parent, nothing means more to you than making sure your baby is safe at night. An audio baby monitor allows parents to listen to their babies when they’re in another room. Knowing whether a baby is sleeping, awake, content or unhappy can give a parent peace of mind. An audio monitor can be used when the baby is sleeping at night, during naps or when an infant is playing in the crib. Here are our picks for the best audio baby monitors.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Summer Infant Baby Wave


Summer Infant Baby Wave picks up almost every noise so that parents can hear the baby breathing, moving, fussing or crying. Background noises are filtered out so that you can hone in on only the sounds that your baby is making. The volume knob lets you make the monitor as loud as you need, which is helpful when you’re vacuuming or washing dishes.

A series of LED lights are also activated when there are sounds on the receiving end of the monitor. These lights allow you to view when there’s noise on the other end. If you’re in a noisy room, in the shower or out of hearing range from the baby monitor, you can still monitor your baby. The LED lights also come in handy at night. It’s hard to sleep when the monitor next to you is projecting every sound your baby makes. Turning the volume down will help you stay asleep unless your baby is extremely fussy. You’ll still be able to sense sounds by looking at the lights.

Since it utilizes digital technology, the Baby Wave monitor provides a secure connection. Your neighbor’s baby monitor won’t be able to pick up the signal from yours, and the signal is encrypted so that it can’t be accessed from other devices on the same frequency. The baby monitor uses a 2.4 GHz signal that shouldn’t interfere with your cordless phone or wireless router, although some users report experiencing interference with certain devices.

This baby monitor has a long range, giving you freedom to move around the entire house. The unit that goes in the baby’s room must be plugged in at all times, but the other unit is lightweight, portable and has a rechargeable battery. An indicator lets you know when the battery is low so that you can plug it in.

The Baby Wave monitor isn’t an advanced baby monitor and doesn’t have a video option, but it’s a satisfactory basic model that lets you keep track of your baby when you can’t be in the room with him or her. It’s affordable, making it a great option to give to the grandparents or the babysitter.

Graco Secure Coverage


These days, many parents have audio baby monitors for their peace of mind. Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor is an excellent choice, as long as you’re willing to plunk down the money for a brand-new—not used—system.

The Graco system comes with a parent unit and a baby monitor and retails for just under $40 on Amazon.com. Unlike some monitors, the Graco operates on the 900MHz frequency; this means no interference from cordless phones or microwaves. Both units have AC adapters, although the parent unit is rechargeable.

The company estimates that the wireless connection range is 2000 feet, although very few reviewers have tried it at that length. Real-world use, as always, depends upon your surroundings. It has a vibration mode and a belt clip for the parent unit so you can take it with you. It doesn’t have two-way communication.

Recent reviewers raved about the sound quality; one buyer wrote, “You can’t go wrong with this – it works great, very reliable, and has good distance…Forget the fancy expensive things, just go with the tried and true.”

The sound quality and reliability praise was echoed across almost all buyers. One used his unit to monitor his chicken coop, while another noted the excellent sound even after accidentally misting the unit with spray paint.

One of the problems endemic to buying things online is that you can’t inspect them before buying them. For many buyers of the 2010-11 versions, the battery life was way too short and the wireless connection between the two units kept dropping out. Frustrated users noted the rechargeable batteries only lasted about a year.

It looks like Graco took the criticism to heart, because reviews have improved immensely since 2012. The main complaints now are about hearing too much sound; not only can children be heard, but so can any breezes and even outside disturbances. Whether hearing too much from your child’s bedroom is a bad thing is up to the individual parent.

Reviews on this product are generally excellent for the most recent model, but for the ones sold around 2010-11 opinion is decidedly mixed. Graco appears to have fixed the problem of the units losing wireless connection and terrible battery life, so the Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor is a good choice as long as you’re buying it new with a warranty. Leave the used ones alone.

VTech DM221


The VTech DM221 uses DECT 6.0 wireless technology, the same as a typical cordless house phone. There are two parts to the system: a slightly larger parent unit and the child’s unit. Both units look somewhat like padlocks, with an oval-shaped body and a large loop on the top.

The wireless range is estimated to be 1000 feet, although range depends on your house and how many walls are between the units. The VM221 has two-way communication, meaning you can talk to your child through the unit; the parent unit also has five volume settings and a vibration mode that works the same as your cell phone’s vibration mode. The parent unit has rechargeable batteries, but the child’s unit must be plugged in.

Reviewers praised the sound quality of the monitors as well as how sensitive the microphone was. As an Amazon reviewer said, “I’ve used other baby units before, but I’ve found that this particular unit is awesome!…The thing I love the most is that you don’t hear air all night long. If it’s quiet in the room no sound comes through, if it’s loud you hear it perfect.”

Many also appreciated the ability to talk to their baby through the unit, noting that it’s good for keeping track of older children as well. The DM221 child’s unit also has a night light feature that parents liked, and the ability to shut it off as well.

There were a number of complaints about the two units losing their wireless connection occasionally. The connection would reestablish itself after a minute or so, but the 1000-foot range is only a best-case scenario. Making sure your two units have as clear a line of sight as possible is key.

Others were unhappy about the parent unit’s battery life. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “Super sensitive and clear sound. This is great; just wish the battery life was better.” That was echoed throughout most of the reviews.

For just under $40, the VTech DM221 is an excellent buy, but it needs to be kept away from cordless phones due to interference. You should also remember to charge the batteries the first time for the recommended time as well, but for the price it’s hard to find better.

Best Electric Breastpumps for 2016

There are many advantages of breastfeeding for both baby and mother. Infants receive antibodies through breast milk, which enhances their immune system. Breast milk also contains the perfect combination of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed for growth and development. It has also been proven that breastfeeding is beneficial to women because it provides protection against breast and ovarian cancer. For mothers who choose to breastfeed, having a breast pump at home is often an essential part of successful nursing. Breastpumps can help increase milk supply and give parents the option of bottle-feeding at times when it is more convenient. Here are top picks for the best electric breast pump

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump


Medela is a leader when it comes to breast pumps. Efficiency, convenience, portability, power, good value and ease of use are the top features when it comes to the Medela In Style Advanced breastpump; overall, it is a great pump. The many accessories the Medela comes with is also a huge plus.

The In Style Advanced is able to produce a large amount of milk in little time. For working mothers, or mothers of multiple children, this is a fantastic feature. The pump completes this efficiency due to the double pumps and the two-phase expression, which occurs naturally during a breast feeding session.

Power also increases the efficiency. The Medela In Style Advanced is made to pump several times a day and stay strong day after day, child after child. A mother can choose the speed and suction power that is most comfortable.

Convenience and portability go hand in hand with this Medela pump. With the pump built directly into the shoulder bag, tote bag or back pack you can pick up and head off to your destination. However, the tote bag and back pack models do not allow you to remove the pump; the shoulder bag model does give the feature of a removable pump, which may or may not be of importance to the mother. All of these styles come with a cooler bag and an ice pack which is contoured to fit the included bottles with lids to store milk. In addition, the In Style Advanced is able to run on battery if your location is unable to accommodate the included 9 volt AC adapter. It will, however, not be as powerful running on battery. To add to convenience, a pumping bra makes a world of difference while pumping with the Medela In Style; purchasing one of these bras will create a hands free pumping environment.

The Medela In Style Advanced Breast Pump is quite easy to use. Plug in the pump, unroll the tubing, connect the tubing to the flanges on the bottles, and begin pumping. Very simple.

Many pros give the Medela In Style Advanced Breast Pump an advantage above others. It is important to note, however, there are some concerns with condensation lingering in the tubing (which may be cause to replace tubing several times during usage, for a low cost) and with the pump motor being noisy. On the other hand, a noisy pump may be used as a non-verbal warning to others not to disturb.

Overall, the value of the Medela In Style Advanced Breast Pump is worth the purchase. The quality, amount of accessories, price, ease, portability and efficiency make this pump a good choice for all mothers.

Philips AVENT Electric Breastpump


Almost every mother who is breast feeding her child would enjoy the Philips AVENT Breast Pump. Philips AVENT has studied the techniques to successful breast feeding for over 30 years, and the company has discovered that moms can produce the most milk when they are relaxed. Therefore, unlike traditional breast pumps that require that users lean forward to capture the milk, this product features an unique design, which enables moms to sit comfortably in an upright position so the milk can flow directly from the breast into the bottle.

The Philips AVENT Breast Pump can be operated with the touch of a button. Conveniently offering three speeds, the product gently starts in stimulation mode to encourage letdown. Once the letdown reflex is activated, the hormones are then triggered and the milk is now ready to be pump into the bottle. Also included in the product is one large-size gentle massage cushion, which stimulates milk flow. The massage cushion has a soft, velvety texture that provides warmth to the skin for extra comfort. Some studies have shown that more milk is produced in breastfeeding situations that imitate the baby obtaining milk from the nipple. As a result, the gentle massage cushion is designed to mimic the baby’s suckling for natural letdown.

Along with a gentle massage cushion, the product is equipped with a breast pump body, base unit with tubing, four breast pads, sealing disc, spare diaphragm, and a 4-ounce Avent Natural bottle with Newborn Flow nipple. The Avent Natural bottle’s wide, breast-shaped nipple encourages natural latch-on so the baby can easily consume milk.

Another highlight of the Philips AVENT Breast Pump is the compact design. Because of the product’s simple features, moms can easily hold and position the breastfeeding items on their breast. The small and lightweight base can also be easily transported and, as a result, a mother can pump milk on vacation, at a friend’s house, or during lunch break at work. Simply wrap the tubing around the base of the product and tuck the item safely away in a diaper bag or purse. Users should also ensure that they pack extra batteries in their belongings.

As a mom pumps milk from her breast to the bottle, the milk never comes into contact with the tubing or base unit. This simple feature encourages a quick and easy cleaning process. After using the Philips AVENT Breast Pump, moms can disassemble the small number of separate parts. These small parts can be placed in the dishwasher or hand-washed in the sink.

Many moms around the world are enjoying the Philips AVENT Breast Pump. This product is designed to adhere to the needs of a growing baby.

Spectra Baby USA S2 Breastpump

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The Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump is a hospital grade breast pump that has the strength and power needed to work effectively and features that make using a breast pump easy and stress free. The pump is separated by a physical barrier, which maintains hygiene and protects the motor. It can be used as a single or double pump, allowing mothers to nurse and pump at the same time, or pump only one side if needed.

Enjoy the ease of digital controls and multiple settings. The speed and rhythm can be adjusted to create a program that meets your personal comfort. Choose the “massage mode” when first starting to pump. It will stimulate the body’s natural letdown reflex, which some mothers struggle with when nursing and pumping. Afterwards, the pump will switch to “expression mode”. This mode mimics a baby nursing with a slower rhythm. Both modes have adjustable settings that can be see on the digital display.

There are several accessories and features that come with the Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump. Two collection bottles, two sets of tubing, and two AC adapters are included with the tote carrier. A nightlight and timer come in handy for tired moms who need to pump during the night. The pump also comes with a cooler and ice packs for quick and easy storage of milk. One additional benefit is the pump is extremely quiet, giving moms more privacy while they pump in public places.

Investing in a breast pump is guaranteed to help mothers maintain milk supply longer and provide breast milk even when they are away from home. Along with the health benefits to baby and mom, nursing also saves a considerable amount of money that would have been spent on formula. The Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump is designed to meet and exceed the needs of nursing moms and is built to last.

Best Jogging Strollers for 2016

Most parents will agree that owning a stroller is an absolute necessity. Jogging strollers maneuver and turn much easier than traditional strollers. Jogging strollers are perfect for moms, dads, and nannies who frequently take their baby to the park and grocery store as well as other fun places. Here are top picks for the best jogging strollers for 2016.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller


The Chicco Activ3 jogging stroller is large enough to accommodate your child comfortably and small enough to fit compactly into a closet or the trunk of a car. The versatile stroller rolls smoothly on any terrain, including grass, gravel and pavement. The KeyFit travel system allows you to click the infant car seat in and out quickly and easily.

This jogging stroller’s suspension gives your baby a smooth ride on the bumpiest of surfaces. The large wheels roll well over tree roots, hard sidewalks and sand. The rubber tires have a rugged tread that grips a variety of surfaces, and they will never go flat. The stroller is ideal for taking long walks, jogging or running with your child.

You can lock the front wheel using a button on the handle. This makes the stroller more stable when you’re moving quickly. A hand-activated brake on the handle keeps the rear wheels locked so that the stroller doesn’t roll away if you’re parked on an incline. The handle also adjusts to four different positions, ensuring a comfortable grip no matter how tall you are.

A stroller is not very useful if it’s too large to transport. The Chicco Active3 jogging stroller folds effortlessly with the click of a button. You can fold it in a manner that allows the stroller to stay standing, which is an ideal way to store the stroller in a closet, hallway or garage. When you need to fit the Chicco in the trunk of your car, you can close it completely flat. The compact collapse option makes the stroller small enough to stash in tight spaces. This is an ideal position for stowing away the stroller for long periods of time. Because the aluminum frame is lightweight, the stroller is easy for one person to manage.

Your child will stay dry and out of the elements when you pull down the large, weatherproof canopy. Even the window is tinted to protect your child from the sun. Because the stroller’s material is water-resistant and easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about it soaking up spills.

The Chicco Active3 jogging stroller is recommended for children ages 6 months to 50 pounds, which means you can use it until your child is a preschooler. The seat reclines so that your baby can look around or nap comfortably. Your little one will stay safe in the 5-point harness that adjusts as your child grows.

Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller


Parents and caregivers are sure to love all of the innovative features of the Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller. This exceptional product provides the ultimate in convenience for those who maintain a busy lifestyle with their little one. Inspired by the traditional Graco strollers, this revolutionary item was designed with performance, maneuverability, and comfort in mind.

The Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller is suitable for a child who is less than 50 pounds. The air-filled rubber tires offers a fun ride for children who are within the weight specifications. The front wheel can lock for added stability while jogging on a sidewalk and unlock for better maneuverability while leisurely walking around the city. The extra-padded and adjustable recliner stroller seat ensures that the little one rides comfortably when strolling indoors and outdoors. The product is also equipped with an overarching canopy to protect children from bright sunlight and the rain.

The extra-large storage basket is positioned underneath the stroller seat. This basket will hold items such as food, diapers, clothes, toys, and other essential baby gear. Another great feature of the Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller is the deluxe storage trays. Conveniently positioned in front of the stroller’s handle, the parent’s storage tray is designed to hold two beverages, a smartphone, and other small necessities. The children’s tray is strategically placed in front of the little one’s seat so that he/she may have quick access to games, snacks, or a drink. The children’s tray can pivot or be removed completely in order to place or lift a child in and out of the seat. The children’s and the parent’s tray can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Parents and caregivers can place a compatible infant car seat into the Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller. Once the user hears an audio “click,” the car seat should be secured in the stroller. The “Click and Connect” feature also applies to the stay-in-car based that is included with most car seats. After using the stroller, simply remove the car seat and then pull the clearly marked strap on the stroller’s seat to quickly fold the product. The FastAction fold enables caregivers to disassemble the stroller with one hand while comforting the baby with the other arm.

The Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller is the preferred choice for many parents and caregivers. Because the product is made of premium and light-weight material, the stroller only weighs about 30 pounds, which greatly contributes to the easy maneuverability and ultimate performance.

Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller


The Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller is perfect for walks, running, traveling, and shopping. The front wheel is 12 inches and the two rear wheels are 16 inches. These larger, air-filled wheels handle rough terrain and uneven surfaces with ease due to the dynamic rear suspension. The design also allows the stroller to make tight turns in confined areas.

Securing your child in a stroller properly will prevent injury and keep your child comfortable. The multi-position seat can be adjusted for your child and includes a padded 5-point safety harness. Using a 5-point safety harness is recommended for the safety of small children. The harness has 5 points of contact where it secures the child in the seat, ensuring that the child remains in a safe position while using the jogging stroller.

The adjustable canopy has an expandable visor that provides full coverage to protect your child from the sun and weather. Use the large storage basket underneath the stroller to place larger items such as clothing, snacks, or toys. The parent tray located near the handle has 2 deep cup holders as well as a storage area to keep essential items such as car keys. There is also a child cup holder that is removable, and a padded napper bar that is soft enough for your child to rest on for a nap.

Infants are too small to be placed in strollers and carrying a heavy car seat around is not ideal. The Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller can be used in combination with many infant car seats made by several different brands. Snap the car seat to the top of the jogger, giving you the flexibility to use the stroller while keeping your infant safe and secure in their car seat.

For parents who will use this stroller to go jogging, the handle height can be adjusted and there is a safety tether for added safety while moving the stroller at a faster speed. The safety tether can be attached to your wrist to prevent the stroller from rolling away if you let go. The Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller folds up more compact than other, more bulky strollers, which is great for storage at home and makes it easy to transport it while traveling. The stroller comes in black fabric with white trim, making it easy to coordinate with infant car seats and other accessories.

Choosing the Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller gives you the quality and durability you expect from a jogging stroller. The user-friendly design will keep you and your child happy and comfortable.

Best Soft Baby Carriers for 2016

When you have a newborn, infant or toddler, it can be difficult to get anything done. Newborns may cry every time you set them down, and toddlers frequently need your attention. You can give children the care they need while holding them in a soft baby carrier. A carrier can be used by both men and women to keep their hands free while they’re attending to their baby. Here are our top picks for the best soft baby carrier.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Tula Soft Baby Carrier


Tula baby carriers have set the standard for creating intelligent, versatile and long-lasting carrier designs. The brain-child of two passionate and inventive parents, these award-winning carriers allow moms and dads to comfortably and fashionably support their children while on the go.

Tula carriers can ingeniously be worn with the child in the front or in the back, allowing for versatility and superior comfort. Tula has created the M-position seat for optimal support of baby, and parents benefit from an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable distribution of weight. Available in two sizes, the baby carriers can accommodate weights from 15 to 45 pounds, and toddler sized carriers may be used from 25 to 60 pounds. When purchased in combination with the Tula Infant Insert, the baby carriers can even be used from birth. A removable hood is included for head support while baby sleeps. It can also allow for added protection from sun and wind and provide privacy while breastfeeding.

Each carrier sports thickly cushioned shoulder straps and a contouring hip belt, all of which are adjustable to allow for a customized fit. “Perfect Fit Adjusters” on the front of the shoulder straps can be cinched down for smaller wearers, or extended for those who are taller. Duraflex buckles keep parent and child secure and are tough enough to stand up to daily use. Soft padding has been thoughtfully incorporated into the leg-openings of the seat to ensure superior comfort for baby. The hip belt has extra webbing to fit any waistline, and it also includes a roomy front pocket to stash essentials. The entire carrier weighs in at only 2 pounds, making it incredibly easy and convenient to grab for a day out and about.

Hand made from 100% cotton canvas, Tula carriers are extremely durable and easy to care for. The fabric is machine washable, making clean up as easy as a toss into the washer. The designs are offered in a countless array of colors and patterns that will fit any personality, making them both fun and fashionable.

All Tula products are hand-made and come with a one year warranty. The carriers meet and even exceed industry safety standards, and Tula is a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.

Tula baby carriers provide parents with durable, comfortable and stylish options for carrying little ones. Available in gorgeous prints and created for unrivaled versatility, Tula carriers set the standard for maximum comfort and convenience for parents on the go.

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier


The four-position Ergo 360 is one of the most versatile baby carriers on the market. It can be used to carry your child from infancy through toddlerhood, making it easier for parents to move around and get things done while still holding their babies. The Ergo 360 has a belt that secures the carrier around your hips. You settle the child into the carrier, pull up the backpack-style straps, and secure the straps with a clip. It’s easy to put on and simple to take off.

One of the most useful features of this carrier is that it can hold an infant or toddler in a variety of positions. While the baby weighs 7 to 12 pounds, the Ergo can be used with a soft infant insert. The insert positions the child higher in the carrier and prevents the baby from slipping out the gaps in the side. When the little one is in the infant insert, he or she sits facing inward at the wearer’s chest.

As the baby grows, the infant insert can be removed, and the little one can sit in the structured bucket seat. This provides the proper position for your baby, maintaining the baby’s knees higher than the rear end. Some kids prefer to face outward. The leg area of the Ergo 360 can be unsnapped, providing a narrower seat and allowing the child to sit with his or her back to the wearer. In this position, the seat still holds the knees up, maintaining the proper hip position.

The front-outward carry position is not recommended for babies younger than 5 months, however. In addition, babies should only be worn in this position for up to 15 minutes at a time. In the forward-facing position, infants are unable to turn away from the constant sensory stimulation that is presented to them. Turning the child to the front-inward carry can help prevent your baby from being overstimulated.

With the Ergo 360, children can also be carried on the wearer’s hip and back. Hip and back carries are recommended for kids 6 months and older.

The Ergo 360 maximizes comfort for both the little one and the wearer. The carrier has a mesh lining that allows airflow between the child and the carrier. This prevents your baby from getting too hot, especially in the summer. The Ergo 360 also has padded straps and a supportive waistband that distributes the infant’s weight, making it a comfortable option for holding your baby for an extended period of time.

Infantino Fusion Baby Carrier


The Infantino Fusion flexible position baby carrier looks like a backpack but functions in a variety of positions to hold your baby safely and securely. The supportive waist belt can be worn low on the hips or around the natural waist to provide maximum comfort. Smaller babies can be elevated when the waist strap is positioned higher on the wearer. As your child grows, you can lower the waist belt. The waist belt helps distribute the child’s weight more evenly compared with carriers that only provide shoulder straps. The Infantino’s shoulder straps are padded and comfortable and help to support the child’s weight.

The seat also converts to adapt to a growing child. A small infant can be worn facing in with a narrow seat position, and an older kid can be worn facing in, facing out or on the wearer’s back.

Children from 8 to 32 pounds can be worn comfortably in the Infantino Fusion baby carrier. When your infant is young and can’t walk or move around, you can strap him or her into the carrier and go on long walks, shop at the grocery store or get things done around the house. As toddlers begin to walk and run, carrying them close to your body can keep them safe in busy parking lots. Wearing them in the Infantino Fusion can give them a chance to rest on long outings. When they want to be picked up, it only takes a few seconds to secure them in the carrier.

This carrier is easy to adjust when you’re transferring the baby from mom to dad or as your infant grows. The waist strap is adjustable, and the shoulder straps can be loosened quickly. Infants and toddlers are comfortable when carried in the Infantino Fusion. The padding around the carrier is soft and plush, and the headrest supports babies’ necks, especially when they are sleeping.

The Infantino comes in a neutral gray-and-black color that matches all of your outfits. It stashes away easily in any diaper bag and can be used almost everywhere.